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About our Portland Digital Marketing Agency

At Forza Digital Marketing – we know one thing for a fact, digital marketing works. Bringing measurable data driven results to our different business partners, we’re more than qualified in collaborating with your brand in choosing a course of action that would be best for their company. Our team has a passion for internet marketing and it all starts with our clients. Get a step ahead of your competition by establishing your online presence.  Start by contacting us today to learn more about our proven system of predictable traffic generation. We create an online ecosystem of internet marketing activities to drive traffic to your website from Google, Social Networks, and other various platforms.

Our digital marketing services company have the following tools at their disposal:

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Oracio Hernandez

Oracio Hernandez, is a founder of Forza Digital Marketing.  He found his passion for digital marketing after some years being head of Online Presence and Content Management for a former employer.  As a former accountant, Oracio finds technical analysis of analytical data as something sort of second natured to him.  “Working with clients to get positive results is almost a guarantee with the right data” he says.  He constantly studies new methods of SEO and Digital Marketing methods.  Taking various courses and studies on SEO and Digital Marketing he can proudly offer an honest and effective internet marketing system to clients with a guarantee of results.